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Are you looking to expand into new markets and increase your worldwide sales? Contact KeyCom to assist you in breaking down barriers and achieving your global growth targets. Translation is your key to international communication. There is no need to waste any more time, get in touch with us today.

About us

KeyCom is a language service provider based outside Montpellier.

During the long months of lockdown, we decided to use our 10 years of experience in translation to expand our horizons, knowing the world could not remain dormant. We have created a multilingual agency devoted to helping you achieve and maintain an international presence. We work with freelance translators the world over so that you can trust us to fulfil any and all of your language needs. Our translators only work into their mother tongue to ensure the content delivered is fluid, professional and of the highest standard.

We translate all types of websites, such as online stores, business landing pages and brochure websites. But our expertise also extends to other fields which may be causing you difficulty.

Whatever your multilingual communication needs, you will have experienced translators at your disposal and you can rest assured that the target market will have no reason to believe the text is even a translation.

Why use KeyCom?

Here are just some of the many advantages in leveraging the expertise of our translation agency:

Time saved

We will choose the right translators for you so you can concentrate on your business. Let us handle the management of your project and we will deliver a translation that meets the industry’s quality standards within the agreed timeframe.

Single point of contact

You will deal with the same person from determining your specific needs to the final delivery of your translation.


As an agency, we can also act as your linguistic consultant. If you have any enquiries about the wording of the original text or the choice of languages for translation, we will be more than pleased to help you. We take great pride in assisting our clients achieve their desired results.


Our online agency offers various translation services in all languages and adapted to our clients’ needs.


Website translation

We are specialists in the translation of websites, especially e-commerce sites. Our database of translators allows us to deliver translations of any topic into any language, regardless of the format and deadline.


SEO translation

Our translation agency also specialises in the production of SEO content. Our SEO experts will take care of relevant keyword analyses in order to optimise your website’s ranking on search engines.


If you want to meet with a customer or supplier, our interpreters can help you bridge the language divide:

  • either remotely by telephone or video-call;
  • or in person during your meeting or business trip.

Why should you get your website translated?

A swathe of research has shown that consumers prefer to buy from websites that are available in their own language. It is crucial that you seek a professional to perform this task because your website is a window to your business; it is an image of how you want to be seen. Entrust this work to us and we will adapt your website to your target audience or for the countries you intend to export to. Selling internationally is child's play when your website appears on the many search engines available throughout the world.

Looking to conquer the Chinese market?

No problem! But remember that Google is not the main search engine in China, Baidu is. Now is the time to gain that foothold! Entrust your website to us to improve its visibility in China as quickly as possible. We will open the way for Chinese customers to fall in love with your products.

But what is SEO?

Search engine optimisation covers all techniques implemented to improve the organic web traffic to a website from a search engine. Your website’s visibility can be optimised thanks to a good ranking on Google, Yahoo, Bing and even Baidu. Greater web traffic to your site will lead to larger sales volumes.

Obtaining a high organic ranking for your website can be a time-consuming process. If you want your business to become better known abroad, your website must be visible; so, search engines have to be able to find and rank your website. We recommend having your website content translated without delay and choosing search engine optimisation.



Understand the gist
  • Machine translation
  • Quick quality control


Official texts and publications
  • Native specialist translator
  • Native specialist reviewer
  • Quality control

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